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The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W03

The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W03 - Take a break

We're back this week to remind you: get busy, but don't get too busy. If you can even do anything about it. We're at that point at the end of January when the fresh and new plans for the New Year often get lost somewhere on a shelf behind some things and forgotten, but still somehow that time for improvement and resolution has been filled by... something. Don't sweat it--there's still time for reflection and redirection, if you want it.

Get busy with us: /captain.

The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W02

The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W02 - Out of control

This week in the newsletter we explore 1980s children's TV, explore drawing, explore the wilderness, explore shipping version 1.0, explore corn tortillas, explore unstructured time, and explore our technique. Everything is exploration if you look at it hard enough.

Wander with us: /captain.

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The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W01

The Captain's Newsletter, 2021-W01 - Mulligan

2021 was supposed to be... better? But I guess we had it coming. Betting too much on "there's always next year" is like [shakes Cubs fan magic 8 ball], hmm, don't want to get kicked there. This week I advise you not to commit felonies, not to micromanage (which will be a felony when I become King), not to share misattributed memes, not to ignore your team's emotions, and not to... OK you can commit felonies if they are interesting.

Join us: /captain.