Ingersoll Scout Reservation 2002


  • Camp director: Greg Brownfield
  • Program director: Tim Schaab


  • Ranger: Kevin Walsh
  • Ranger: Neal Jefferson
  • Ranger: Jeff Wheeler
  • Ranger: Jeremy Brawner


  • Food service manager: Joy Walsh
  • Food service manager assistant: Sara McCoy
  • Food service manager assistant: Judy Randle
  • Head cook (first shift): Becky Whitenack
  • Head cook (second shift): Traci Sharp
  • Assistant head cook (first shift): Debbie Donley
  • Dining hall steward: Taylor Thompson
  • Cook (First shift): Donna Tice
  • Cook (second shift): Michelle Johnson
  • Kitchen assistant: Jarrod Hoover


  • Commissary director: Tebben Grafelman


  • Aquatics director: Tom Jatkowski
  • Assistant aquatics director: Dave Helm
  • Lakefront director: Matt Kietzman
  • Aquatics assistant: Jorel Grant
  • Aquatics assistant: Jason Lindahl
  • Aquatics assistant: Noah Crouch


  • West Ridge commissioner: Matt Decker
  • South Ridge commissioner: Neal Iden


  • Scoutcraft director: Josh Curry
  • Assistant Scoutcraft director: John Moore


  • Outpost/COPE director: Jason Biggs
  • Assistant outpost director: Dominic Alesandrini

Scout to First Class

  • Scout to First Class director: Andy Hobin
  • Scout to First Class assistant: Jason Glick

Boy Scout Adventure Crew

  • BSAC director: Mike Riopell
  • BSAC assistant: Jason Kemper


  • Ecology/conservation director: Jake Huston
  • Ecology/conservation assistant: Michael Swift

Field sports

  • Shooting sports director: Bill Bond
  • Shooting sports director: Al Lange
  • Archery director: Jeremy Kral

Health office

  • Health officer: Chris Wilson


  • Handicraft director: Steve Riopell

Trading post

  • Trading post manager: Trevor Thompson

Counselors in training

  • Counselor in training: Sam Allott
  • Counselor in training: Ty Burnett
  • Counselor in training: Luke Clift
  • Counselor in training: Matt Glick
  • Counselor in training: Stephen Lacey
  • Counselor in training: Josh Lowman
  • Counselor in training: Danny Roger
  • Counselor in training: Steve Sanders
  • Counselor in training: Brennan Simpson
  • Counselor in training: Phil Sims
  • Counselor in training: Nick Swanson
  • Counselor in training: Bryan Swift
  • Counselor in training: Ben Tilly
  • Counselor in training: Jeremy Wasilewski
  • Counselor in training: Jon Zotz