List of 100 most commonly used Hindi words

# Word Transliteration (IAST) English equivalent
1 में meṃ in, into
2 है hai is
3 हैं haiṃ are
4 नहीं nahīṃ no; not
5 लिए lie holding; taking with one
6 गया gayā gone; past
7 तथा tathā 1. conj. and. 2. adv. in the same way as
8 अपने apne ours
9 कुछ kuch something
10 साथ sāth 1. n. company; something accompanying. 2. adv. with; along; in the company of
11 होता hotā happening
12 था thā was
13 दिया diyā given
14 हुए hue becoming
15 कोई koī becoming
16 रूप rūp form; shape; appearance; aspect
17 से se by means of; by; with
18 मैं maiṃ I
19 रहा rahā (auxiliary verb)
20 हुआ huā became; came about; was
21 बात bāt something said, a word, remark; speech, talk, words; conversation; discussion
22 कहा kahā something said; a remark; remarks
23 समय samay time
24 क्या kyā what
25 अपनी apnī her own; hers
26 होती hotī happening
27 प्रकार prakār kind; sort; type
28 बहुत bahut many; much
29 तरह tarah kind; type
30 बाद bād speech; discussion, dispute; argument
31 फिर phir 1. anew, again. 2. thereafter, afterwards; next; then. 3. furthermore; but.
32 रहे rahe masculine plural form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb
33 द्वारा dvārā by means
34 अधिक adhik increased, exceeding; more
35 रही rahī (auxiliary verb)
36 होने hone be
37 एवं evaṃ 1. thus, so. 2. and.
38 हुई huī becoming
39 थे the were
40 उनके unke his
41 थी thī was
42 वाले vāle used to denote a relationship to the noun, verb, or adjective preceding the postposition
43 चाहिए cāhie is wanted (चाहिए को, is wanted by); is needful (to or for); should ought
44 दिन din day
45 लेकिन lekin but; however
46 काम kām action; act; work; task
47 हूँ hūṃ am
48 होते hote are
49 इसके iske of this; for this
50 उन्हें unheṃ to them (dative case)
51 गये gaye plural perfective aspect of जाना
52 कभी kabhī sometimes; at any time
53 आदि ādi et cetera
54 लोग log people, folk
55 बार bār 1. times, occasion. 2. gate, door; doorway.
56 यहाँ yahāṃ 1. here. 2. at
57 दोनों donoṃ the two; both
58 उन्होंने unhoṃne oblique case of they
59 कार्य kārya 1. action, act; activity. 2. work, task duty.
60 पास pās nearby
61 वहाँ vahāṃ there
62 भारत bhārat India
63 लिया liyā taken
64 प्राप्त prāpt 1. obtained; acquired; incurred. 2. come upon, found.
65 उनकी unkī theirs; his (formal)
66 लोगों logoṃ people (plural)
67 गयी gayī went
68 लगा lagā seemed
69 अन्य anya other; different
70 होगा hogā will be
71 इसी isī this (emphatic)
72 देश deś 1. place, region. 2. country; nation
73 यदि yadi if; whether
74 सभी sabhī every single one; absolutely all
75 नाम nām name, title
76 वर्ष varṣ a year
77 ऐसा aisā of this sort
78 विकास vikās opening, expanding
79 अपना apnā one's, one's own
80 ऐसे aise of this sort
81 दूसरे dūsare another; secondly
82 हाथ hāth hand
83 भाषा bhāṣā language; speech
84 मेरे mere my
85 मैंने maiṃne I
86 तुम tum you (informal)
87 बीच bīc middle
88 वाली vālī 1. (added to noun) a person employed in the preceding noun. 2. (added to adjective) adds emphasis to preceding adjective. 3. (added to noun, adjective, or noun phrase) gives adjectival properties to preceding word. 4. (added to verb) gives agentive meaning to preceding verb. Feminine form of वाला.
89 बड़े baɽe big; large; great; elder
90 प्रति prati 1. (f. noun) copy of an original. 2. (f. noun) section, group (of a larger whole). 3. (prefix) again, back again, re-. 4. (preposition) towards, against, anti-. 5. (preposition) each, every; per. 6. (preposition) similar to.
91 व्यक्ति vyakti a person; a particular person
92 उनका unkā theirs; his (formal)
93 लिये liye took; received; accepted
94 इसलिए islie so; therefore
95 तीन tīn three
96 इसका iskā his (informal)
97 ऐसी aisī of this sort
98 विशेष viśheṣ 1. particular, special, distinctive. 2. excellent.
99 बड़ी baṛī big, large; great
100 अथवा athvā or