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2020-W23 (week 4)

FIN 5503: Finance Management (Canvas)

  • 2020-06-02: The Time Value of Money (TVM); Valuing Investment Opportunities
    • Read Corporate Finance §4.3-4.5, §7.1-7.3
  • Homework #1 due in MyFinanceLab (Cost-Benefit Trade Offs)

MKT 5203: Marketing Management (Canvas)

  • 2020-06-04: Evaluating Communications Approaches
    • Suave, HBS Case 585-019 [course pack, pp. 56-76]
      • What are the implicit strategies underlying Tom's and Ellen's approaches?
      • Which is the better advertising plan, Ellen's or Tom's?
    • Tweeter, HBS Case 597-028 [course pack, pp. 77-100]
      • Should Sandy Bloomberg continue to offer APP? Why or why not?