Yuri's Night Mojave

Music for post, "Annie Oakley" by Actionslacks. Why? It seems right.

Dobre vyecher! Yuri's Night, the World Space Party. On April 12, space enthusiasts and partygoers will celebrate the anniversary of the first human spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin in 1961 and the first flight of the Space Shuttle in 1981. As of now, there are 49 parties scheduled in 18 different countries, including the country that first rocketed to space, Russia.

A small group of X PRIZE SpaceShipOne Replica Project interns will be invading the Green Tea bar in California City, CA, to celebrate Yuri's milestone flight on Tuesday. Several good friends of mine are preparing to host their own party back at the University of Illinois. Los Angeles will have its trademark high-class party.

Yuri's Night is a fantastic idea that I hope can continue through the years. This year marks the fifth year of YN. Here's to the ongoing success and the network of beautiful people who will be taking part in the party.



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