Return from Mojave, Day 1

Mojave, CA to Washoe County, NV

Start: 86530 miles

After goodbyes at Graziano's Pizza in Mojave, it is time to head north out of the High Desert. through the windwills and the Tehachapi Mountains, this is a route that I have taken only one other time during a trip to Yosemite National Park in February. The route contrasts greatly. Before reaching the pass, Hwy 58 is dirt and scrub brush nut makes a transition to grass and tress soon after. So, within 20 minutes, the surrounding feel has changed. Then again later, dropping down to the floor of the San Joaquin Valley -- near sea level from near 4000 ft will introduce another fundamental environment change. This time, it is a farmland environ complete with the fragrance of damp hay and the sight of flat continuity that will soon greet me in Illinois.

Today's trip will take me from Mojave, CA to Davis Creek Regional Park in Washoe County, just south of Reno, NV. The total driving time about 10 hours, including an oil change and plenty of wrong turns in Bakersfield and Reno. For reference: CA-58 to Bakersfield, CA-99 to Stockton, I-5 to Sacramento, I-80 to Reno, US-39 to Washoe.


Gas: Shell, Tehachapi, CA
$31.73, $2.699/gal, 11.755 gal
328.2/86553 miles, 27.92 mpg

Gas: Chevron, Lodi, CA
$23.22, $2.479/gal, 9.367 gal
296.8/86850 miles, 31.69 mpg

Oil change: Texaco, Bakersfield, CA, $30.91

Coffee, Tulare, CA, $1.20

New road atlas, Borders, Stockton, CA, $26.95

Gas, Verdi, NV
$14.42, $2.359/gal, 6.114 gal
156.3/87007 miles, 25.56 mpg

Camping fee, Davis Creek Regional Park, Washoe, NV, $15.00

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