Return from Mojave, Day 14

Bismarck, ND to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND (North Unit)

Start: 90321 miles

Petrified Forest Loop Trail

There, on the grassy prairie. No signs of humans anywhere except for the intermittent trail sign. No roads. No cars. No planes. No contrails high in the sky. No powerlines. Hell, nobody.

With my current possessions -- notably, 1.5 liters of water, no food, and other odds and ends, what would survival be like in this green ocean?


Dan's Supermarket, groceries, $6.87

Gas: BP, Bismarck, ND
$13.79, $2.179/gal, 6.328 gal
202.5/90323 miles, 32.00 mpg
Coffee, $0.63

Gas: Tesoro, Belfield, ND
$11.72, $2.099/gal, 5.585 gal
172.7/90495 miles, 30.92 mpg

Juniper Campground, $10.00

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