Return from Mojave, Day 16

Bismarck, ND to Camp Wilderness, Park Rapids, MN

Start: 90906 miles

Camp Wilderness, Park Rapids, MN

I'll tell you a few things that I admire about the Boy Scouts organization. First, you are never a stranger in a strange land. That core set of values expressed in the Oath and Law provides a common ground no matter where you are coming from or going to. Second, the emphasis on teaching skills in an outdoor environment is an important facet of life that is often neglected in modern everyday life. Finally, the leadership skills acquired in the program are second-to-none. In a nutshell, this is the basis of a solid program.

Anyway. They have a very nice lake here at Camp Wilderness, a nice place to watch the setting sun reflect on the rhythmic waves. And reflect, myself.


Gas: Conoco, Jamestown, ND
$24.79, $2.159/gal, 11.480 gal
335.2/91013 miles, 29.20 mpg

Burger King, $2.13

Gas: BP, Hawley, MN
$21.97, $1.999/gal, 10.991 gal
315.2/91329 miles, 28.68 mpg

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