inauspicious start to 25

My research assistant position with the university has been cancelled, so I have the choice to stay on and pay for things myself next semester. Ugh... how bad do I need a masters degree? And the timing was placed with surgical accuracy; I bought the ticket to India and was relying on paychecks leading up to Christmas to finish paying for it. I guess I had it coming to me for taking a risk like that...

What does this all mean?

There were two important external decision points to help direct me. First, there was a ~3-month position open with the X PRIZE Foundation in California; this would have been some cash and some direction for a little while, but didn't pan out. Second, there is the potential of a tuition waiver from the aerospace engineering department at the university, but I don't expect that to happen. This leaves the decision up to me: stay or go. Stay means live on a student loan and some job that I don't have yet or haven't even searched for (the timing of this India trip went from good to bad in a hurry). Go means... well, I'm not really sure what it means, packing up the car and heading off somewhere to find a job that can pay bills temporarily until I can find something that I don't hate (I've given up being so picky as to hope for finding something that I like).

So. I've been faced with a situation that might rouse me out of my personal doldrums and into action. Happy 25th birthday, Kirk. Now grow up and do something.

(Confession: it sounds more tempthing now than ever to drop out of everything and create a new situation somewhere... if only I hadn't spent all the cash on this trip! Well, I am sitting directly in front of several hundred dollars worth of engineering textbooks; maybe this is where I start.)

2 thoughts on “inauspicious start to 25

  1. Tim


    If we'd known it was your birthday we'd have sent a card--or at least felt bad for not sending one 😉

    As for the job, why don't you come down and intern for me at FSRI? (they actually PAY interns!) We can start working on getting you into a funded SpaceGen position too.

    Jen and I will have a guest room starting Jan 6 that you are welcome to inhabit (for a while). There are lots of good universitites here and tons of space business but no mountains.

    Whaever you need, let us know. You are inspiring, Kirk. Whatever we can do to help you is a priveledge.

    1. kirk.kittell Post author

      Hey, Tim, thanks for the birthday wishes. I didn't know I had comments turned on in this publication; I'll have to go back and see if anyone else has posted things...

      For FSRI/SGF things: I'll look into that. My adviser did an awesome job of waiting until December to cut me free. Now I have 7 days before departing to get things into some sort of order for next semester. And that 7 days includes Christmas. Sonofabitch.


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