ISU opening

From Peter Diamandis's opening presentation:

The average age of the engineers who built the ships—the propulsion, the structures, the navigation and guidance, the life control systems—the average age of those engineers was—do you know? 26 years old. There was no one there to tell them what could not be done. They had to make it up on their own as they went along. So I want you to remember that anything you want is possible... if you're committed to making it happen. And I want you to think about this summer session as a chance you have to put behind everything you've ever learned before. Forget about what people told you could not be done, what could be done, and figure out what you want to do. This is your chance to explore crazy ideas, wonderful ideas, ideas that in the back of your mind you've wondered, "Could I do this? Is this possible?" And the answer is that if you believe it is, it is. If someone tells you it can't happen, well, it can't happen for them, that doesn't mean it can't happen for you.

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