Basic French v1

Thanks to Nathalie, one of the ISU participants from southern France, for helping me with this lesson. These phrases were conceived when riding a bus... specifically, a bus that I didn't know where it was going...

[Note: You may need to save the mp3 files to your computer to listen. I can't open them in my own browser window...]

Where is the bus to the Cathedral, please?
Ou est le bus qui va a la Cathedrale, s'il vous plait?

Does this train go to Strasbourg?
Est-ce que ce train va a Strasbourg?

Where is the train station?
Ou est la gare?

Where is the tram stop?
Ou est l'arrêt de tram?

Can you speak more slowly, please?
Pouvez vous parlez lentement, s'il vois plait?

I don't understand.
Je ne comprend pas.

Excuse me? (i.e., what did you say?)


Good night.
Bonne nuit.

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  1. Lavina

    If you like podcasts, there's a nifty one called The French PodClass. I took up French for four years, lost most of it, and these helped me some 🙂


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