Kittell Graph

True story: Kittell Graph

In its full glory:

From MathWorld

Why would I waste your time in such a way? No distinct reason. After setting up, I was curious exactly how someone might come across it. Searching for "kirk kittell" brings you more or less directly here. Searching for "kirk" is hopeless... unless you're interested in Star Trek or Kirk Douglas. Searching for "kittell" is slightly more interesting. Kittell is not a common surname--being an Anglicized version of a German name and all--so all results make me think it is a different branch of the same tree.

But this I. Kittell, who published "A Group of Operations on a Partially Colored Map" in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, who knows?

This is your largely uninteresting comment of the day, internet folk--imagine how lucky you would be if you had to deal with this junk in person. Every. Single. Day. (Why, you'd be a very lucky lady indeed, hey, hey)

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