Triple Spacecraft Flyby Tonight

Rob G, a fellow International Space University alumnus, notes that tonight, three man-rated spacecraft will be visible from the ground:

Hi everyone,

Tonight there is a very rare opportunity in the history of human spaceflight...if the clouds cooperate, you can see THREE human-rated spacecraft (two with humans in them, one full of equipment being delivered to the ISS) flying in formation right over your head (or about 340 km right over your head…and maybe a few hundred off to the side, depending on your location). For most people in the US/Canada, this opportunity will occur in the early evening TONIGHT [note: 25 March 2008]. For those of you spread out over the rest of the globe, go to to find out what time you might be able to see this.

If you have questions about how to see them, where to look, or how to use that website, just let me know.

Clear skies!


So, if you're outside tonight -- look up.

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