Hindi numbers: 11 to 20

ग्यारह (gyārah) – eleven

बारह (bārah) – twelve

तेरह (terah) – thirteen

चौदह (caudah) – fourteen

पंद्रह (paṃdrah) – fifteen

सोलह (solah) – sixteen

सत्रह (satrah) – seventeen

अठारह (aṭhārah) – eighteen

उन्नीस (unnīs) – nineteen

बीस (bīs) – twenty

How did I develop this? (1) I used Wikibooks’ Hindi:Numbers as a guide; (2) I checked words with my copy of The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary.

One thought on “Hindi numbers: 11 to 20”

  1. Comments from Pradeep via email:

    होता – happens. होना – happening. Not really connected though. They can be used in any tense. They can be used with multiple meanings as well. Like being *there* for someone etc.

    हुए – it roughly translates to became.

    रहा – it doesn’t mean anything much along. kya kar raha hain (means what are you doing). generally used between a verb and a “hain”.

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