Hindi: Months

मास (mās) - month

जनवरी (janvarī) - January

फ़रवरी (farvarī) - February

मार्च (mārc) - March

अप्रैल (aprail) - April

मई (mai) - May

जून (jūn) - June

जुलाई (julai) - July

अगस्त (agast) - August

सितंबर (sitaṃbar) - September

अक्तूबर (aktūbar) - October

नवंबर (navaṃbar) - November

दिसंबर (disaṃbar) - December

How did I develop this? I used (1) Master Any Language as a guide; (2) Shabdkosh English-Hindi Dictionary to find the word "month;" and (3) checked words with The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary.

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