Hindi: Commonly used words (1 to 10)

View the list of most commonly used Hindi words. Common words in Hindi, numbers 1 through 10:

1. में (meṃ) - prep. in, into

2. है (hai) - v. is [singular, as in: he/she/it is]

3. हैं (haiṃ) - v. are [plural, as in: they/we are]

4. नहीं (na-hīṃ) - adv. no

5. लिए (li-e) - perf. adv. holding; taking with one

6. गया (ga-yā) - perf. part. gone; past

7. तथा (ta-thā) - 1. conj. and. 2. adv. in the same way as

8. अपने (ap-ne) - adj. ours, plural form of अपना

9. कुछ (kuch) - pron. something

10. साथ (sāth) - 1. n. company; something accompanying. 2. adv. with; along; in the company of

I discovered the spreadsheet containing the most frequently used words from the Hindi Google Group, a list which is apparently derived from Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions at IIT-Mumbai.

Edit (12 August 2008): I've fixed the translation for अपने as part of correcting errors in the first 100 words. Thanks for the help, Pradeep.

One thought on “Hindi: Commonly used words (1 to 10)

  1. kirk.kittell Post author

    Comment from Pradeep via email:

    अपने - It means ours. It's not a tense, its the plural form of अपना. It is generally used in showing relations.


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