Shiner Hierarchy: The wonderful world of Shiner

In my short three months here in Texas, two things have really stood out:

  1. "Come and take it." That's punk rock way ahead of its time.
  2. There are different flavors of Shiner beer.

Here I propose a hierarchy, based on many important characteristics (such as how much I liked them), of the various Shiner beers that I've tried. You may disagree. But you are wrong.

1. Black Lager 2. Bock 3. Blonde 4. Hefeweizen

Texas is A-OK. Viva Spoetzl.

2 thoughts on “Shiner Hierarchy: The wonderful world of Shiner

  1. Mike

    I've only had Bock, but because I'm a narrow-minded loser, I will now criticize you for placing anything above it. That is all.

    1. kirk.kittell Post author

      I wonder if I can bring beer bottles on the train... if so, I'll bring some of the dark stuff up to Illinois in three weeks for Dayvo's party.


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