Hindi: Commonly used words (11 to 20)

View the list of most common Hindi words. Common words in Hindi, numbers 11 through 20:

11. होता (ho-taa) - v. happening - singular masculine imperfective aspect of होना

12. था (thā) - v.i. imperf. was

13. दिया (di-yā) - given

14. हुए (hu-e) - v. becoming - plural masculine perfective aspect of होना

15. कोई (ko-ī) - pron. 1. someone; anyone. 2. some

16. रूप (rūp) - n. form; shape; appearance; aspect

17. से (se) - prep. by means of; by; with

18. मैं (mai) - pron. I

19. रहा (ra-hā) - aux. v. masculine singular form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

20. हुआ (hu-ā) - v.i. became; came about; was

I discovered the spreadsheet containing the most frequently used words from the Hindi Google Group, a list which is derived from Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions at IIT-Mumbai.

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