Hindi: Commonly used words (21 to 30)

View the list of most commonly used Hindi words. Common words in Hindi, numbers 11 through 20:

21. बात (bāt) - f. something said, a word, remark; speech, talk, words; conversation; discussion

22. कहा (ka-hā) - m. something said; a remark; remarks

23. समय (sam-ay) - m. time

24. क्या (kyā) - pron. or adv. what

25. अपनी (ap-nī) - adj. her own; hers - feminine form of अपना

26. होती (ho-tī) - v. happening - singular feminine imperfective aspect of होना

27. प्रकार (pra-kār) - m. kind; sort; type

28. बहुत (ba-hut) - adj. many; much

29. तरह (tar-ah) - f. kind; type

30. बाद (bād) - m. speech; discussion, dispute; argument

I discovered the spreadsheet containing the most frequently used words from the Hindi Google Group, a list which is apparently derived from Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions at IIT-Mumbai.

One thought on “Hindi: Commonly used words (21 to 30)

  1. kirk.kittell Post author

    Comments from Pradeep via email:

    अपनी - it is a different usage for अपना. It's not a tense.

    होती - variation of होता. generally as a general reference of having or being there. Like in sentences which state general truths. sabke paas mobile hote hain (everyone has a mobile).


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