Hindi: Commonly used words (31 to 40)

Taken from a list of most common Hindi words. Common words in Hindi, numbers 31 through 40:

31. फिर (phir) - adv. 1. anew, again. 2. thereafter, afterwards; next; then. 3. furthermore; but.

32. रहे (ra-he) - aux. v. masculine plural form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

33. द्वारा (dvā-rā) - prep. by means

34. अधिक (adh-ik) - adj. increased, exceeding; more

35. रही (ra-hī) - aux. v. feminine singular form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

36. होने (ho-ne) - v. be; oblique infinitive form of होना

37. एवं (e-vaṃ) - adv. 1. thus, so. 2. and.

38. हुई (hu-ī) - v. becoming - singular feminine perfective aspect of होना

39. थे (the) - v. were (past masculine plural of 'to be')

40. उनके (un-a-ke) - adj. his

As you can see, there are still some translations that are missing (???). Pradeep just sent me an email that describes these, plus other ???'s from previous posts. Some of blanks are regular omissions. From a few quick searches, I learned that रहे and similar words are part of a grammatical form known as the continuous aspect. Pradeep informed me that you wouldn't use that word on its own, only with other verbs. Some of the other missing words, such as होने, are forms of होना, which means to be -- a very important word. The variations of to be are, of course, critical. Since there are many forms, now I understand why they were not all present as individual words in the dictionary. So, tomorrow, it's time to take a break from rote vocabulary building and fill in the holes. Also, it's time to develop a strategy for learning. The spreadsheet above will be part of the plan. Some of the wiki sites I've found will also be part of the plan. But, I want to have clear goals and a clear understanding of how to get there. I don't just want to know a few things, I want to be really good at Hindi (and Spanish and Punjabi).

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