Hindi: Commonly used words (41 to 50)

Taken from a list of most common Hindi words. Common words in Hindi, numbers 41 through 50:

41. थी (thī) - verb was (feminine past singular of होना)

42. वाले (vā-le) - postposition used to denote a relationship to the noun, verb, or adjective preceding the postposition

  • Feminine form of वाला
  • It was fairly complex to find a definition for this word. The best help that I found was on A Door into Hindi from North Carolina State University.

43. चाहिए (cā-hi-e) - intransitive verb is wanted (चाहिए को, is wanted by); is needful (to or for); should ought

44. दिन (din) - noun (m) a day

45. लेकिन (le-kin) - conjunction but; however

46. काम (kām) - noun (m) action; act; work; task

47. हूँ (hūṃ) - verb am (first person singular of होना)

48. होते (ho-te) - verb are (masculine third person plural form of होना)

49. इसके (is-a-ke) - pronoun of this, for this (oblique case of इस, this)

50. उन्हें (un-heṃ) - pronoun to them (dative case)

  • See Lesson 6.2 on A Door Into Hindi for an explanation of the dative case used here.

Many thanks to A Door Into Hindi, which provided help on the oblique and dative cases for िसके and उन्हें.

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