Commonly used Hindi words #81 to 90: दूसरे, हाथ, भाषा, मेरे, मैंने, तुम, बीच, वाली, बड़े, प्रति

Words ranked number 81 to 90 in the list of the most common Hindi words (courtesy of Hindi Google Group and Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions):

81. दूसरे dū-sa-re (adverb) another; secondly

82. हाथ hāth (m. noun) hand (as in giving a hand)

83. भाषा bhā-ṣā (f. noun) language; speech

84. मेरे me-re (pl. adjective) my

85. मैंने maiṃ-ne (pronoun) I - This is the first person singular ergative case of मैं. ने denotes ergative case.

86. तुम tum (pronoun) you (informal)

87. बीच bīc (m. noun) middle. बीच के is the preposition between.

88. वाली vā-lī (f. suffix) 1. (added to noun) a person employed in the preceding noun. 2. (added to adjective) adds emphasis to preceding adjective. 3. (added to noun, adjective, or noun phrase) gives adjectival properties to preceding word. 4. (added to verb) gives agentive meaning to preceding verb. Feminine form of वाला. has a good explanation of how the word works.

89. बड़े ba-ɽe (pl. m. adjective) big, large; great; elder

90. प्रति pra-ti 1. (f. noun) copy of an original. 2. (f. noun) section, group (of a larger whole). 3. (prefix) again, back again, re-. 4. (preposition) towards, against, anti-. 5. (preposition) each, every; per. 6. (preposition) similar to.

Pradeep also says that रति is used on the cover of letters in place of to.

One thought on “Commonly used Hindi words #81 to 90: दूसरे, हाथ, भाषा, मेरे, मैंने, तुम, बीच, वाली, बड़े, प्रति

  1. Pradeep

    81 - can also mean "another" and is most commonly used in that sense.
    82 - can also be used as in giving a hand in some work. I've never heard it used as hand unless they want to beat you or want you to show what's in your hand.
    87 - beach may be a better pronounciation for it. They sound the same actually.
    89 - can also be used to mean elder.
    90 - mostly used in letters. It's used in place of "To" on the envelope.


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