Commonly used Hindi words #91 to 100: व्यक्ति, उनका, लिये, इसलिए, तीन, इसका, ऐसी, विशेष, बड़ी, अथवा

Words ranked number 91 to 100 in the list of most commonly used Hindi words (courtesy of Hindi Google Group and Resource Center for Indian Language Technology Solutions):

91. व्यक्ति vyak-ti (f. noun) a person; a particular person

92. उनका un-a-kā (adjective) theirs; his - formal

93. लिये li-ye (verb) took; received; accepted. This is the masculine plural, perfective aspect of लेना, "to take."

94. इसलिए is-a-li-e (adverb) so; therefore

95. तीन tīn (adjective) three

96. इसका is-a-kā (adjective) his - informal

97. ऐसी ai-sī (f. adjective) of this sort

98. विशेष vi-śheṣ (adjective) 1. particular, special, distinctive. 2. excellent.

99. बड़ी ba-ṛī (f. adjective) big, large; great

100. अथवा ath-a-vā (conjunction) or

The following resources were helpful for this set of words:

Now that I've made it to 100 -- except, of course, for the lingering blanks -- I am going to shift focus for some time. First, the spreadsheet of most common Hindi words needs to be completed; from 41 to 60, the definitions are included, but for the others I didn't include the information in the spreadsheet. Second, the previous posts need to have styles and errors fixed. Thanks to Pradeep and Vinay, I learned about things I was missing or had translated incorrectly. Now I will go back and fix the errors.

The next step is to put some of this new knowledge to use, to find sentences containing this set of 100 words and help to give them more context and meaning. The idea to start over and study Hindi from the most common words down originated from a video interview of Tim Ferriss that I watched some weeks ago. He attacked Japanese in the same way, first learning the words he was mostly likely to see -- a list of the most commonly used words in the language -- and building his knowledge around that. It made sense to me. Ultimately, it might not be the best way, for for self study, preparing myself for what I was most likely to see seems like a good idea. Now to go and apply the knowledge practically, then we'll see if this is right.

4 thoughts on “Commonly used Hindi words #91 to 100: व्यक्ति, उनका, लिये, इसलिए, तीन, इसका, ऐसी, विशेष, बड़ी, अथवा

  1. Pradeep

    92 - I might put it as theirs, or his (while refering to an elder person's belonging) उनका जूता - means shoes belonging to an elder person, or person whose age you're not sure of.
    93 - the meaning you have stated here is for the word - लिए here it is used in उनके लिए - for him- more like for. It's usually preceeded by a pronoun.
    96 - his; more in general terms, used for his among friends mostly. In a group of peers.

    Best of luck for Stage II

  2. Mathew

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am learning Hindi and your site helps alot.

    1. kirk.kittell Post author

      Hey Mathew. Thanks a ton for the comment--I'm really glad that you're finding it helpful.


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