Hindi: Errata, Words 1 to 100

In the course of stumbling through the top 100 most commonly used words in Hindi, I got some helpful advice regarding my mistakes and omissions. Now it's time to finally put that advice into play and update the first ten posts of ten words each...

1 to 10

8. अपने ap-ne (adjective) ours (plural form of अपना)

11 to 20

11. होता ho-taa (verb) happening - singular masculine imperfective aspect of होना

14. हुए hu-e (verb) becoming - plural masculine perfective aspect of होना

19. रहा ra-haa (auxiliary verb) masculine singular form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

21 to 30

25. अपनी ap-nii (adjective) her own; hers - feminine form of अपना

26. होती ho-tii (verb) happening - singular feminine imperfective aspect of होना

31 to 40

32. रहे ra-he (auxiliary verb) masculine plural form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

35. रही ra-hii (auxiliary verb) feminine singular form of continuous aspect auxiliary verb

36. होने ho-ne (verb) oblique infinitive form of होना

38. हुई hu-ii (verb) becoming - singular feminine perfective aspect of होना

41 to 50


51 to 60

51. गये ga-ye (verb) plural perfective aspect of जाना, to go

53. आदि a-di (noun) et cetera

58. उन्होंने un-hon-ne (pronoun) oblique case of they

61 to 70

65. उनकी un-kii (adjective) theirs; his - formal

71 to 80


81 to 90


91 to 100

92. उनका un-a-kaa (adjective) theirs; his - formal

96. इसका is-a-kaa (adjective) his - informal

Vinay, Pradeep, thank you again for all of your help.

And now, on to something more practical: not just words, but sentences.

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