I'm in College Station

Well, I changed my mind about staying in Nassau Bay for the hurricane. An old friend from University of Illinois lives in College Station, so I'm up here, hanging out. Hurricane Ike will probably be a Category 1 hurricane when it gets here, but at least the water isn't coming up to meet me.

I've posted a few more photos on Flickr: Hurricane Ike, September 2008. My favorites are the progression of rising Clear Lake photos:

11 September 18:32
Clear Lake, Waiting for Hurricane Ike

12 September 7:53
Clear Lake, 18 hours before Ike

12 September 12:23
Clear Lake, Ike getting closer

Parting thought: Twitter has been an interesting, sometimes even useful, source of information during the hurricane approach. Know what's not useful? The folks who make assertive claims about conditions in the storm or city, without links or citations, and make them from hundreds of kilometers away without any knowledge of what's going on. If you don't know what's really happening and you can't share your source of information, shut up.

One thought on “I'm in College Station

  1. Darrell

    Good to hear you got out...Fortunately all my family's in Dallas, but I'm still not liking what I'm hearing about Ike.


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