First Redlines for Above Cedar Creek

Finally, after a trip to Calgary and a hurricane, I finished editing the first three protochapters of a book I'm writing about my experiences at Ingersoll Scout Reservation called Above Cedar Creek.

I like editing better than writing. It feels more natural to move the pieces of this great puzzle around than to design the pieces. But editing is strenuous. It requires that you carve your creation into sometimes unrecognizeable pieces which, in this case, is entirely necessary because the original is junk. It was a first try sprint that needed to be tamed, beaten, managed, expanded, etc.

For posterity -- or an obsession with noting every mundane detail -- I scanned the copies of my first redlines:

Tomorrow I have a long train ride from Longview, Texas to Springfield, IL for Dayvo's party (posted on Dopplr). I like trains -- they're like offices on wheels. It means that I'll be more or less confined to my seat. If planned well, this translates into several productive hours to transform the red ink into electronic text.

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