Steal My University of Illinois Class Notes

Since completing my M.S. at the University of Illinois in May 2006, and before that my B.S. in December 2003, I've been carrying a huge pile of binders filled with notes, homework, exams, quizzes, and other ballast from place to place, once from Illinois to Virginia, once within Virginia, and once from Virginia to Texas. They were heavy, required too much volume to store.

Now, I have only one more place to transport all of these papers: to the recycling bin.

After several months of slow work -- that's not months of hard work, but maybe an hour a week -- I've scanned all of my useful notes and converted them to PDF files. See, I couldn't just throw the things away. I spent so much time copying and re-copying the notes that I couldn't toss them all. Plus, some of the notes still come in handy at work, especially the notes for combustion.

If you're interested in stealing my old notes, I've posted them on my wiki. Maybe they could be useful for you.

Now, the next time I move to a new place, I can count on having a lighter load to carry. This message brought you by the letter M, as in "My boring life."

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