The Week in Project 365 Photos [2009-W02]

You know what keeps me sane here in Houston? Not much. But I found something recently: the Project 365 group on Flickr. It's a simple concept: take one picture every day and post it to the group.

Participating has been a surprising amount of fun so far, despite the short distance I cover during a given day; I live 1 km from work and I walk the same route every day, three times a week I go for a run, three times a week I go to the gym, once a week I go to the grocery store. Within those boundaries I only take my camera with me to work and back, so I have about a 1 km stretch twice a day along Space Park Drive to find a shot that moves me. I have not been disappointed so far. By looking for a view to share with the Project 365 group, I have to keep my eyes open every day along a well traveled trail -- the kind of trail that would, generally, fail to keep my attention. Now the street has my full concentration. By transitive property, a little bit more of life has my full concentration. Through small, insignificant steps, I will extract myself from these doldrums yet.

So. Here are the photos that I took during week 2009-W02:

Condensate Window [2009-011]

The Tower, the Trees, the Night [2009-010]

2 + 1 [2009-009]

Glory [2009-008]

Before Sunrise, the Alley [2009-007]

The Ongoing Surprise [2009-006]

Shut up and get back in your cubicle [2009-005]

And, as a special New Years bonus, here are the other four photos from the first week in January:

Towboat at the End of Illinois [2009-004]

Dreary [2009-003]

Dirty [2009-002]

New Years in New Delhi [2009-001]

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