The Week in Project 365 Photos [2009-W03]

Sunrise Towers.
Communication towers on Surf Court catch the first rays of sunlight.
Sunrise Towers [2009-012]

Goooooood morning, JSC!
Building 1 and Building 4S on the NASA Johnson Space Center campus glow in the early morning light
Goooooood morning, JSC! [2009-013]

Top of the Astrodome.
Looking at the skylights atop the Astrodome from the Reliant Center.
Top of the Astrodome [2009-014]

Bay House at Night.
The corridor in my apartment complex looks sinister in a 15-second exposure in the artificial light.
Bay House at Night [2009-015]

Clear Lake Panorama.
A panorama at sunset from the Lockheed Martin building on Space Park Drive. (This newer Clear Lake panorama looks better.)
Clear Lake Panorama [2009-016]

Saturday, My Room.
Ganesh stares at me every morning. Thanks, Amrut.
Saturday, My Room [2009-017]

St. Paul Cathedral, Nassau Bay, Texas.
Slowly but surely these ribs are becoming something. I bet this would freak Jonah out.
St. Paul Catholic Church, Nassau Bay, Texas [2009-018]

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