The Week in Project 365 Photos [2009-W04]

Twenty-five straight days of Project 365 and no sign of slowing down yet...

Building 1, NASA Johnson Space Center
My name is Kirk and I am addicted to making panoramas such as this. Look at this photo in full resolution. You can practically read the things on the desks. (Just kidding, Security.)
Building 1, NASA Johnson Space Center [2009-019]

Second Stage, Saturn V
Second Stage, Saturn V [2009-020]

Nassau Bay Villa
Sea green building; sunrise sherbet orange; soft twilight blue.
Nassau Bay Villa [2009-021]

Clear Lake at Night
Testing long exposures on Clear Lake at night. Or: freaking out the neighbors.
Clear Lake at Night [2009-022]

Clear Lake Never Looked So Good
I suppose calling it Murky Brown Lake didn't have the same sort of charm.
Clear Lake Never Looked So Good [2009-023]

Put this on your list of things not to screw with.
CAUTION LN2 [2009-024]

Centrifugal Force
Sometimes you get the urge to spin around with your coffee and take a photo of it? Totally normal, amiright?
Centrifugal Force [2009-025]

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