The Week in Project 365 Photos [2009-W06]

Hey, this is a late post on this topic, but it's not like I'm running a high traffic site here. Here are my photos for Project 365 from a week ago. Tomorrow I'll post photos from this week, thus completing a manipulation of space-time by separating a week by a day. Or whathaveyou.

Library Stamp
Note: The inside of The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie is more interesting than the side, which is shown here.
Library Stamp [2009-033]

Yeah. I cook. Not particularly well, but good enough for a guy living on his own.
Dinner [2009-034]

All in a Day's Work
For Johnson Space Center's Safety and Total Health Day, there were a number of booths and demonstrations, including this one by Clear Lake Kuk Sool Won. I think I'd like martial arts such as this. But. I don't think I'll be in the area long enough to really get into the groove. 
All in a Day's Work [2009-035]

In the Dark
The best from Shiner -- give it a try. 
In the Dark [2009-036]

Outside Mission Control
Detail from above the entranceway to Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center. 
Outside Mission Control [2009-037]

Spiritus Mundi
This is an elegant little sculpture -- and by little I mean huge -- by Pablo Serrano sitting in front of University of Houston-Clear Lake
Spiritus Mundi [2009-038]

The latest milestone which I've subjected my car to. 
45678 [2009-039]

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