Site Switch: WordPress to Drupal

Today I made a shift on the site was previously based in WordPress; now it is based in Drupal. I still like WordPress because it was very, very easy to use. However, the sites that I have been developing recently for ISU and ISR alumni organizations are both in Drupal, which is better (in my opinion) for managing membership-based organizations. This site was the last one I had that used WordPress. I changed it so I could develop it along with the others, else it was going to atrophy.

Very exciting news, I know -- thrilling, etc. Things are weird or inoperable here and there, but it happens. You're getting this junk for free anyway.

Also, I've been away for three months because I moved from Texas to Massachusetts. (One might also say I've been away for three months because I've had nothing to say, but that has never stopped me from faking it before; see the other two hundred entries on this site for proof of that.)

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