Guadalupe Peak by Sunrise

Guadalupe Peak by Sunrise from Kirk Kittell on Vimeo.

Guadalupe Peak in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas -- West Texas, please note the difference -- is a minor obsession of mine. You can read about my two experiences to the peak, if you like: "Waking Up" and "Exploring the West Texas Desert: Maps and Photos." I'm tempted to apologize for my obsession, but it's a really cool place.

(For fun, here are some photos from 16 June 2008 and 29 January 2005.)

Today, in our Confident Communicators Toastmasters club meeting, I gave a talk about my first hike to the top of Guadalupe Peak on 29 January 2005. (And I got to play with the toy mom got me for Christmas. See? It doesn't just sit in a drawer.)

Behind the curtain:

(A minor error: I lived in the Gimp Room in our basement apartment that year, so it was probably elevation 220 meters, not 222 meters. Inconvenience is regretted.)

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