A user’s guide to Death Valley

Friends, I am off to run the Flying Pig (half) Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Let me leave you with a memento, in case the natives impede my escape.

Last Wednesday, I gave another speech at our weekly Toastmasters meeting. You’re supposed to prepare for these things. Oops. I had an hour before I had to give my five to seven minute talk, but nothing prepared.

Easy, let’s talk about Death Valley. I had been writing about my first trip to Death Valley in February 2005 anyway. I grabbed some photos, jotted a few notes, and hey presto, the following 7:30 off-the-cuff presentation.

Sure, look through the slides. Whatever. The real presentation is in the audio. I only added the words to this uploaded version so you wouldn’t get completely lost.

When I get out of this cubicle job, I am going to do something where I can get up and talk to people. Damn I love this stuff. I rely too much on preparing too little. Next stop on the speech train: preparing, polishing, improving, etc.

Audio: A user’s guide to Death Valley

PS: Sorry for the background whirring noise. There is some deconstruction going on in the building.

PPS: Thank you to David Battino of O’Reilly Media for writing the tutorial, “Build a Better Web Audio Player.” That is how I embedded the mp3 file above.

PPS: I’m reading some desert books now: Beyond the Wall and Down the River by Ed Abbey. Cantankerous and excellent and gives me itchy feet again.

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