A user's guide to Death Valley

Friends, I am off to run the Flying Pig (half) Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Let me leave you with a memento, in case the natives impede my escape.

Last Wednesday, I gave another speech at our weekly Toastmasters meeting. You're supposed to prepare for these things. Oops. I had an hour before I had to give my five to seven minute talk, but nothing prepared.

Easy, let's talk about Death Valley. I had been writing about my first trip to Death Valley in February 2005 anyway. I grabbed some photos, jotted a few notes, and hey presto, the following 7:30 off-the-cuff presentation.

Sure, look through the slides. Whatever. The real presentation is in the audio. I only added the words to this uploaded version so you wouldn't get completely lost.

When I get out of this cubicle job, I am going to do something where I can get up and talk to people. Damn I love this stuff. I rely too much on preparing too little. Next stop on the speech train: preparing, polishing, improving, etc.

Audio: A user's guide to Death Valley

PS: Sorry for the background whirring noise. There is some deconstruction going on in the building.

PPS: Thank you to David Battino of O'Reilly Media for writing the tutorial, "Build a Better Web Audio Player." That is how I embedded the mp3 file above.

PPS: I'm reading some desert books now: Beyond the Wall and Down the River by Ed Abbey. Cantankerous and excellent and gives me itchy feet again.

2 thoughts on “A user's guide to Death Valley

  1. Pradeep Mohandas


    Did you make a new set of slide for the presentation when you did the audio? The audio of what the slide says and what the slides in Slideshare says don't match up.


    1. kirk.kittell Post author

      Hey Pradeep. The slides I used for the presentation were the photos only, with no words. I added the words to the photos later (when I uploaded them here). I made up the "secrets" as I was going during the speech, then I made them up again when I was redoing the slides for uploading. No surprise that they don't match 😉


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