A fundamental flaw in the universe

There is no "Invincible for a Day" card. Apparently.

I went out for a 17 km run today and it was awful. Dreadful. Broken down. Humid. Stiff. My only salvation on long runs, the trails through Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, was choked with bugs. My heart rate was out of whack -- probably because I jammed up and down the trails trying to outrace the bugs, to no avail. Ah, but it seemed so easy last week...

Thus I submit this as feedback for whichever of your favorite deities gets dibs on setting up the next universe. Cue whiny voice.

It's not fair that a guy breaks through a barrier one day -- we're talking about the 50 km run again, we will keep talking about this until we stop -- and then he has to keep pushing in order to maintain that same level. And that he has to work harder to get to the next level, to break down the next barrier. I earned immunity from this.

What kind of universe does that? I didn't vote for this universe anyway.

I think a just and loving universe would recognize that I earned an effective day off, where I could reap all of the rewards of a long, hard day on the trail without all of the effort.

Who's with me? Let's take our universe back and make it work for us.

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