I am the battery giant

When I want to translate something from English to Chinese, I put in the time cross-referencing the translation to avoid making any embarrassing mistakes. Today I was going out to help one of my wife's friends replace the battery in her 2007 Prius. In a hurry, while she was on the phone, I tossed "I am the battery master" into Google Translate. GT came up with 我是电池主人 (Wǒ shì diànchí zhǔrén). In a hurry, I used it 100% without checking it off Pleco or MDBG as I normally would.

A swing and a miss.

电池 is battery. No question there. 主人 is master or owner, but it came out as 巨人 (jùrén) instead of 主人 (zhǔrén). 巨人 is... giant. I am the battery giant. [sad trombone]

Not that 主人 is even the best. Maybe 专家 (zhuānjiā) instead.

Anyway. I don't own a Prius, so I found these two resources were the best for figuring out what I was doing before heading out to the garage (PROTIP: the battery is in the back):

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