On the nice surprise of finding out you're listening to Steve Martin on banjo

So there I was. (All good stories start this way.) Folding laundry, letting my podcasts run in whatever order they run without my interference. On comes NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts. I like this show—it brings me music I wouldn't find on my own. Pandora likes to bring me things that are related to things I've already listened to and Approved.

So anyway. On comes a bluegrass instrumental. Then some banter. Then another song. Pretty good stuff. Ought to look these guys up later. And I pause the next song so I can leave the room without missing anything. That's when I see that the band is Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers. Huh. I had assumed that Steve Martin's act was more
of a toy act—just the artistic explorations of a successful comedy performer—but it's legit. Have a listen.

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