Preparing for a trip to southwest Canada

I'm going to Canada in a few weeks. Some places I've visited in a previous life (Vancouver, Banff), and some I've never visited (Victoria). With inlaws. Hi ho. Chen is handling the practical details. Hotels/AirBnB. Flights. I'm thinking about the impractical details. That's how things work at home.

How far can I drive around Vancouver Island? Where is the freshest fish? What local non-export beer do they have? Which trails lead to bear attacks? (Avoid.) Where do they keep the Stanley Cup around here? (Sorry.) Where should we eat? How did they get that mouse in that bottle? What are the best books written by or about the region? And my favorite impractical question: what are the native languages in this region?

And so on. That sort of thing. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment.

I'll collect some travel info to /travel/canada as I go along.

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