Last week I signed up for two blockchain related courses on edX, developed by UC Berkeley: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies; and Blockchain Technology. Together they add up to a certificate: Blockchain Fundamentals.

Superficially, I'm against collecting certificates because they are, like this one, just tokens without much obvious value. But maybe those tokens can be redeemed by someone willing to pay for the knowledge or potential utility they represent. I don't know.

That's not the driving reason anyway. Mostly I was annoyed at missing out on a Hot Topic™ that I didn't understand. (Although it seems to have peaked.) I think very few people understand it, or even care outside of curiosity about what Bitcoin is. It's not an intuitive concept. And it's fraught with fervent True Believers. But it was driving me crazy to hear about it and not understand anything—had to fix that.

I'm collecting some notes here—Blockchain— and might post some interesting things here from time to time.

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