Startup Talent Showcase Fall 2018

The Fall 2008 Startup Talent Showcase is on Friday (2018-10-26) at the Cortex. There's a current of innovative activity like this in St. Louis that's easy to miss if you didn't know where to look. (See also: Startup Connection, 2018-11-07.) That kind of oversight also manifests itself in the reverse direction, where the companies who are doing quite good work can't attract the people who don't know they're there. There's a panel today at Venture Cafe on the topic: Pain Points in the Tech-Talent Pipeline – Employers’ Perspectives. (Is there a shortage or not? I take a skeptical angle at these sorts of cries. But I can believe that even if a country's shortage doesn't exist, the distribution might be pushed to the edges, leaving the middle thin.)

Anyway. Let's use the company list from the event to learn a little more about the small and not-so-small companies trying to engage the entrepreneurial workforce in STL:

Company URL LinkedIn GlassDoor
1904 Labs
Agility Collective
Claim Academy
Coolfire Solutions
DOT Foods
Eaton Corporation
Final Thoughts
Influence & Co.
Ivani LLC
Lean Media
NBS Consulting
Rozzy Learning Company
Ten Peaks Partners
USA Mortgage
Venture Cafe

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