A week in review, 2018-W46



  • Oliver Burkeman, Why do we feel so busy? It’s all our hidden ‘shadow work’, The Guardian (2018-10-12) Automation was always supposed to take care of the tedious jobs, so we could enjoy more leisure time. In reality, it’s taken paid work away from humans, while also increasing their burden of shadow work, by transferring tasks from employees to consumers.
  • Sarah Baird, This Appalachian Nonprofit Puts Books In The Hands Of Inmates Who Need Them, Buzzfeed News (2018-11-12) "Part of what happens is that the letters themselves are so personal and idiosyncratic that they do a lot of the work undoing the [prison] stigma," Ryan says. "Any stereotype you might have will be eroded by reading the letters, particularly when drawing a beautiful rose on the envelope doesn't really fit with what you might think about a person in prison."
  • Janelle Walker, An Elgin home's odd addition, with a roof that opened to the sky, is found to be a Jewish sukkah, Elgin Courier-News (2018-11-14) "For me, it is more fun to restore it and find tenants that appreciate" living in a home with architectural and historic details, he said. For Savel, seeing the restoration work he and partner John Anderson have been able to do is the reward—as well as honoring a part of Elgin's history.
  • Ryan North, I’m a Computer Scientist. Here’s Why You Should Never Trust a Computer. Medium (2018-11-01) The real vote, the real power, still lies in the paper ballot. Without that paper trail, you're left trusting the computer. And nobody should ever trust a computer.
  • Richard Feynman, There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom, Engineering and Science 23:5 (1960-02) Now, the name of this talk is "There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom"—not just "There is Room at the Bottom." What I have demonstrated is that there is room—that you can decrease the size of things in a practical way. I now want to show that there is plenty of room.


  • ep. 8 | that brunch in the forest, Smithsonian Sidedoor (2018-11-14) Native Americans had held celebrations and dances around a harvest long before 1621. And Europeans in America had church-style services to give thanks since the 1500s. So how did Thanksgiving become the holiday about the brunch in the forest?
  • S 3 E 7 This Is Marketing, Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin (2018-11-14) So it's tempting, in the old model of marketing, of average stuff for average people, to get rid of the tension, to make it super easy. But in fact, that's not going to help you. That we have to embrace the tension, and in fact cause the tension, because that's what we're doing when we show up and offering to make change. We're inflicting tension on the people we seek to serve. And the tension is, "Where you are now is fine, but where I will take you, where we will go together, is better. And the only way to you to better is to get you to leave fine behind."
  • Episode 876: Patent Deception, Planet Money (2018-11-14)
  • 410 – AJ Jacobs: Ten Superpowers of 'Extreme Gratitude', The James Altucher Show (2018-11-15) "The barista told me people just use her as a vending machine when they get their morning cup of coffee. Nobody looks her in the eyes."


Spotlight (2015)


Our reward for complaining about the heat all year...


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