2018 in review

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In This House We Have Moët & Chandon, so let's not think too hard about 2018—and definitely let's not talk about 2019—let's make some lists. If you'd like me to pick a list on a different topic, make your suggestion in the comments.

Best writing

My first job after college was a great setup. Of course ten years ago I gave that great setup the raspberry and moved to Texas for a girl. Moral of the story: don't break your coffee cup.

  • Break It Yourself (2018-03-28). And that interstitial period was strange. I can't fully account for it. I've thought before about examining it, considering it from different angles to see if there's any sense to be made, giving it the written treatment. It's like a pond that reflects the sky, giving no intimation of the world beneath until I dive into it. But I'd rather not. Swimming in fresh water gives me the creeps anyway. So I'll just toss it out here and leave it.

Runners up:

Best pictures

San José del Cabo bitter melon carousel pumpkin shuffleboard thinker on a rock lake louise johnson street bridge

Best reading (articles)

This article is literally about glitter. There is no subterfuge. Read it. It is hilarious and neurotic in a DFW kind of way.

  • Caity Weaver, What Is Glitter?, The New York Times (2018-12-21). So: what is glitter? A manipulation of humans’ inherent desire for fresh water. An intangible light effect made physical. Mostly plastic, and often from New Jersey. Disposable by design but, it turns out, not literally disposable. A way to make long winter nights slightly brighter, despite the offshore presence of Germans. An object in which the inside of a potato chip bag meets the aurora borealis.

Runners up:

Best listening

Listening to this interview with Tim O'Reilly is what convinced me to go read his latest book, WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us.

Runners up:


The whole list on Goodreads: read-in-2018

Favorite: Juan Rulfo, Pedro Páramo (1955)

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