A week in review, 2019-W16




  1. Shane Parrish, The Importance of Working With “A”Players, Farnam Street (2019-04-15).
  2. Tim Parks, Do We Write Differently on a Screen?, The New Yorker (2019-02-19).
  3. Paul Thagard, Does the Heart Want What It Wants?, Psychology Today (2015-05-08).
  4. Emily Atkin, Should Offshore Oil Workers Get Paid While They Sleep?, The New Republic (2019-04-16).


  1. Episode 213: Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part One), The Partially Examined Life (2019-04-15).
  2. #837 - Amsterdam Bike Tours Become Passive Profit Center, Side Hustle School (2019-04-17).


There might be additional links that didn't make the cut at notes.kirkkittell.com

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