A week in review, 2019-W20




  1. David Dobbs, The Science of Success, The Atlantic (2009-12-01). The coup also showed something more straightforward: that a genetic trait tremendously maladaptive in one situation can prove highly adaptive in another. We needn’t look far to see this in human behavior. To survive and evolve, every society needs some individuals who are more aggressive, restless, stubborn, submissive, social, hyperactive, flexible, solitary, anxious, introspective, vigilant—and even more morose, irritable, or outright violent—than the norm.
  2. Jill Lepore, What the Gospel of Innovation Gets Wrong, The New Yorker (2014-06-16). Disruptive innovation is a theory about why businesses fail. It’s not more than that. It doesn’t explain change. It’s not a law of nature. It’s an artifact of history, an idea, forged in time; it’s the manufacture of a moment of upsetting and edgy uncertainty. Transfixed by change, it’s blind to continuity. It makes a very poor prophet.
  3. Nancy Duarte, How to Get Others to Adopt Your Recommendation, MIT Sloan Management Review (2018-12-12).
  4. Dean Keith Simonton, Looking back: Creative genius in classical music, The Psychologist (2009-12-01).
  5. Eric Lindquist, Wisconsin bar owner uncovers huge, 134-year-old circus poster: 'It should never have survived', Chicago Tribune (2019-05-18).


  1. Kai Fu Lee: "AI isn't biased, humans are", Danny in the Valley (2019-05-17).
  2. Episode 214: More Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Part Two), The Partially Examined Life (2019-05-06).


Bill Morrison, Outerborough (2005)




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