A week in review, 2019-W26


  1. Control (2019-06-25).


  1. Luke Halliwell, The Agile Disease, Luke Halliwell's Weblog (2008-11-16).
  2. John Herrman, Slack Wants to Replace Email. Is That What We Want?, The New York Times (2019-06-19). For employees raised online, Slack looks and feels like a place to socialize. I grew up chatting with friends online and still do, sometimes in scattered Slack rooms. I have also spent the last 10 years at companies where work chat was the norm and observed the arrival of Slack with both relief and suspicion. Finally, a better work chat app. Then: Oh god, this is really how people are going to work, now?
  3. Zachary Crockett, The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews, The Hustle (2019-06-09).
  4. Konstantin Kakaes, What Neil Armstrong Got Wrong, MIT Technology Review (2019-06-26). The Apollo program failed to make such a leap. Its success was in taking the technology of the time as far as it could go, just as the pharaohs built the absolute biggest pyramids they could. It was a monument to ingenuity and to determination. But monuments are, by design and by definition, ends and not beginnings.
  5. Derrick Goold, A scout, a backup catcher, Pujols & the trade that would have changed Cardinals history, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2019-06-22).


  1. A Mathematician Translating Pushkin?, Math Mutation (2019-06-23).
  2. Umbrella Revolution 2.0 – or something else? Antony Dapiran on the Hong Kong demonstrations, Sinica Podcast (2019-06-27).
  3. 644: Random Acts of History, This American Life (2019-06-23).




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