A week in review, 2019-W37




  1. David Browne, How Bob Dylan Made a Pre-Rock Masterpiece With ‘Love and Theft’, Rolling Stone (2016-09-11).
  2. Liam Shaw, A sharp crack and a heavy explosion, LRB Blog (2019-09-13).
  3. James Somers, Speed matters: Why working quickly is more important than it seems, the jsomers.net blog (2015-07-26).
  4. Glen Alleman, Project Management + Systems Engineering = Increased Probability of Project Success, Herding Cats (2019-09-13).


  1. PMP#8: Spider-Man: Far From Home (and Elsewhere), Pretty Much Pop (2019-08-27).
  2. Trade war economics, with Andy Rothman, SupChina (2019-09-05).
  3. 699: What Great Coaching Looks Like, HBR IdeaCast (2019-09-10).


Ne Zha (哪吒之魔童降世Nézhā zhī Mótóng Jiàngshì;) (2019)

There might be additional links that didn't make the cut at notes.kirkkittell.com

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