A week in review, 2019-W44


  1. We serve good mornings all day (2019-10-28).
  2. Three views of Lago Maggiore (2019-10-30).
  3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight (2019-11-02).


  1. Dan Piepenbring, The Book of Prince, The New Yorker (2019-09-09). He paused for a moment. "We need to find a word for what funk is,"" he said. Funk music, which fused impulse to structure, was the living contradiction he embodied: his mother and his father in one.
  2. Grayson Haver Currin, Bob Dylan: Time Out of Mind, Pitchfork (2018-05-13). During the '90s, he issued two solo acoustic albums of earnest, sometimes poignant renditions of American standards, delighting those who had pined for the lost days of the folk kid from Greenwich Village. But coffeehouse covers hadn't made Dylan a spark of resistance in the '60s or a source of bittersweet reckonings with reality in the '70s. He had become a legacy act, accruing lifetime achievement laurels and touring his hits for Boomers in khakis. Possibly for the first time in his career, Dylan was beginning to blend into the scenery.
  3. Charles Duhigg, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team, The New York Times (2016-02-28). (notes) Project Aristotle is a reminder that when companies try to optimize everything, it's sometimes easy to forget that success is often built on experiences — like emotional interactions and complicated conversations and discussions of who we want to be and how our teammates make us feel — that can't really be optimized.
  4. Dan Catchpole, Boeing's CEO Says Its Culture Will Fix Its Problems. Experts Say It May Be to Blame, Forbes (2019-10-31).
  5. Andrew Gill, How to get started in homebrewing, from the pros who mastered it, The Takeout (2019-06-25). However your beer comes out, Randy Mosher says you'll be a practitioner in a most intimate form of art. "You're making something that other people are putting in their bodies and the sensations of aroma and taste and flavor go into some of the more emotional and primitive parts of our brains. So you have this ability to really reach out and affect people in really deep ways with flavor. For me, that's the magic of beer: being able to kind of get inside there and mess with people's heads a bit."






Le France renaissante


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