A week in review, 2019-W45




  1. David Browne, In the Room at Nirvana’s ‘MTV Unplugged in New York’, Rolling Stone (2019-11-01).
  2. R. Du Toit Strauss, Voyager 2 enters interstellar space, Nature Astronomy (2019-11-04).
  3. Mary Cain, I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike, The New York Times (2019-11-07).
  4. David Ferguson, Find The Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life, The Onion (2013-03-20).
  5. Ernie Smith, The Car Cassette Adapter Was an Unsung Hero at the Dawn of the Digital Age, Motherboard (2019-11-06).


  1. Live Episode! Luke's Lobster: Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, How I Built This (2019-11-07).
  2. Atari's Nolan Bushnell: "I started tinkering in third grade and never stopped, Danny in the Valley (2019-11-02).
  3. Philanthropy in China, with Scott Kennedy of CSIS, Sinica Podcast (2019-11-07).



There might be additional links that didn't make the cut at notes.kirkkittell.com

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