A week in review, 2019-W48


  1. 100 (2019-11-25).
  2. Metrics and their discontents (2019-11-26).


  1. Kenneth Cukier, The Dictatorship of Data, MIT Technology Review (2013-05-31).
  2. Michael Schrage, Don't Let Metrics Critics Undermine Your Business, MIT Sloan Management Review (2019-10-23).
  3. Stephen Kosslyn, Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated?, Harvard Business Review (2019-09-25).
  4. Marnie Shure, The podcasts that defined the 2010s, The A.V. Club (2019-11-25).
  5. Chris Moffitt, Tips for Selecting Columns in a DataFrame, Practical Business Python (2019-11-26).


  1. #955: Pirate Videos, Planet Money (2019-11-29).
  2. 509 - Be Big Enough to Change Your Circumstances: Eric Adams Shares How He Went From "Bad Kid" to Brooklyn Borough President, The James Altucher Show (2019-11-26).
  3. Square Roots' Kimbal Musk: “Working in tech was like chewing sawdust”, Danny in the Valley (2019-11-29).


My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)



There might be additional links that didn't make the cut at notes.kirkkittell.com

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