A week in review, 2019-W50


  1. And that's that (2019-12-14).


  1. Rob Kilner, Lunchtime Loafer, The Idler (2018-09-03). In the early days of my lunch-hour excursions, I would walk for half-an-hour before turning back, to see how far I could get. I plotted a circular lunchtime range on a map, which revealed an area the size of a small country (the Polynesian Island nation of Tuvalu) at my disposal. And the lunch hours add up. Twelve months of them equate to around two weeks of free time.
  2. Jessica Cohen, Local News Deserts and Rainmakers, Utne Reader (2019-04-01). Napoli’s 2018 study then found that 20 out of 100 randomly sampled U.S. communities had no local news, and eight had no articles addressing critical information needs in the seven days that news stories were analyzed. As online news and ads divert subscription and ad revenue from newspapers, many have limited resources for local reporting and rely on state and national wire stories — or papers collapse and close. “What’s scary is what people don’t know they don’t know,” said Napoli.


  1. (sub)Text: A Discussion of Todd Phillips' Film "Joker, The Partially Examined Life (2019-12-06).
  2. Margaret O'Mara: Silicon Valley doesn't understand its own history, Recode Decode (2019-12-11).


How to make Salted Duck Egg Yolk Sauce(Chinese Mayonnaise)


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